Bleeker Lake Campsite Project 2009

The Kamloops and District Fish and Game Association (KDFGA) in association with Teresen Gas have completed a camp site at Bleeker Lake located near Roche Lake Park south of Kamloops.  This lake is a popular spot for fishermen looking for rainbow trout both in the summer and winter seasons.  The site previously had an unstructured area where campers and fishermen parked and camped on a sloping site as best they could.  The rough site had no outhouse for users but now has five finished and level camp sites, three picnic sites, a picnic shelter with two more tables and an outhouse facility. The idea for the project was initiated by KDFGA as the result of a large donation being available from Terasen Gas as a community award on the retirement of a long time employee.

In April, 2009 the KDFGA started the preparation work at the site working with Noelle Kekula from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts on the project design.  KDFGA members also canvassed past club project supporters and businesses for assistance with the project and found enthusiastic aid.  The bulk of the rough construction was completed by a local contractor, Charlieís Back Hoe Service, who donated a day of work with an excavator and dump truck to repair the road and start the excavation work for the camp and picnic sites. A second day with the excavator saw the rough in of all the sites.

Dawson Construction donated two loads of gravel to help finish the camp sites.  In mid May Terasen Gas provided a back hoe and operator to dig the pits for the outhouses and do more preliminary work on the picnic shelter site.  KDFGA members put in many, many hours of volunteer time to get the site to near completion.

 Additional material and personal assistance came from a wide variety of sources.  On May 23rd a joint effort of some sixty volunteers from Terasen Gas, a Kamloops scout group, St Johnís Ambulance and our Fish and Game Association put the finishing touches on all the sites. That day, Terasen also brought up two back hoes, numerous other pieces of equipment and six fire rings they had fabricated. The Ministry of Tourism Culture and the Arts donated eight picnic tables, two fire rings and an outhouse.  Rona Building Supplies donated the trucking to deliver all the material for the picnic shelter.










At the end of the day a safe, new family outdoor recreation area was completed for the publicís use.  This quality camping location was only made possible thanks to the generous donation in cash and kind from Terasen Gas, the Kamloops business community and the countless volunteer hours by members of the Kamloops and District Fish and Game Association.  As the finishing touch last fall KDFGA returned to the camp site hauling in gravel and matting to complete a boat launch.  Those individuals who donated time, equipment and product to make this recreation facility have invited the public to come out to enjoy the now attractive location, help to keep it clean and safe for all and to catch fish.