The KDFGA Education Fund will provide financial help to club members or their

“direct lineage” family members with their post-secondary education. A person in any post secondary program can apply.


The KDFGA Education Committee will administer the fund.


Those eligible to win an award must be a club member for a year before applying.


Also eligible are the “sponsoring” member’s spouse, children, adopted children, step children, blended family children, and grandchildren. i.e. “direct lineage”. Brothers, nephews, nieces etc. are not eligible.


Funding will come from “estate” and “in memoriam” donors, and from club fundraisers.


The same person can win only once.


There will be a maximum of 2 awards of $750 per year.


The applications must be received via mail by September 30. Applications received during the year will be held until September 30.


The rules and an application form will be available on the website.    click here


The applicant will complete the application form and will include 3 letters:

        1) from the applicant re his/her personal background, education and career goals, together with reasons we should consider him/her.

        2) from his/her present school (or if just starting a new school, a letter from his/her previous school).

        3) from the “sponsoring” member stating the relationship and why they should be considered.



To access the "Application" form     click here