Removing old fences

The KDFGA was involved in a double fencing removal project. When new fences are constructed, the old fence is often left in place because it is too expensive for the farmer/rancher to remove it. The old fence becomes neglected and deteriorates. Old posts rot and fall over, wires become detached from the posts and it is often tangled in windfall. Animals walking over the downed wire become entangled and the wire gets pulled around causing a serious mess in the bush. If entangled animals are unable to free themselves, they perish due to starvation or predation. The KDFGA collects and removes the wire from the area and drops it off at the recycle depot.




             Detaching wire from old posts and trees 







                                             Rolling wire for removal from the forest







        Collected wire ready for transport to the recycler. 







            Remnants of a young moose  that became entangled in a fence.


This is just one of the conservation projects that the KDFGA members 

are involved in.